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Skilled Work Regional Visa (Subclass 491)

The Subclass 491 Skilled work visa allows skilled workers to come to Australia and live in a regional area for up to five years.


  • Stay in Australia for 5 Years from the date embassy grant you the visa
  • Live, work and study in designated region of Australia
  • Travel to and from Australia as many times as you want, while the visa is valid
  • If eligible, apply for permanent residence

Designated Regional Area:

You and all members of your family unit who are also holders of the visa, will need to live, work and study in a designated regional area of Australia. Your nomination must not be withdrawn, or you will not be granted the visa.


This is a temporary visa. You can stay in Australia for 5 years from the date embassy grant your visa.


You can include member of family in your application, you can:

  • include them when you submit your visa application
  • add them after you submit your application but before Australian embassy decide on your visa

Family members who apply for visa must meet Australian health and character requirements.

Family members not accompanying you to Australia might also need to meet our health and character requirements.

If your partner or dependent children are not included in this application, tell us the reason why (for example, they already hold Australian citizenship or are a permanent resident).


  • you can only apply for visa if embassy invite you to.
  • You must have been nominated for this visa by an Australian state or territory government agency or indicate that you will be sponsored by an eligible relative.

Your sponsor must be:

  • 18 years old or older
  • Usually resident in a designated area of Australia
  • Be an Australia citizen, an Australian permanent resident. Or an eligible New Zealand citizen
  • Be your or your partner’s eligible relative

An eligible relative can be:

  • A parent
  • A child or step child
  • A brother, sister, adoptive brother, adoptive sister, step brother or step sister
  • An aunt, uncle, adoptive aunt, adoptive uncle, step-aunt or step-uncle
  • A nephew, niece, adoptive nephew, adoptive niece, step nephew or step niece
  • A grandparent
  • A first cousin
  • For your application to be valid, you must declare that you have a suitable skill assessment at the time of invitation.
  • You must be aged under 45 when embassy invite you to apply for the visa.
  • Be able to score 65 points or more
  • Meet the level of English Requirement. You must have at least competent English.
  • Your occupation must be on the relevant list of eligible skilled occupations
  • Must meet health requirements.
  • Must meet character requirements.

All the information taken from Australian Government Website,

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