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St. Lawrence College Offers Graduate Certificate Program Pairs

Did you know that students applying to certain programs at St. Lawrence College can now take advantage of a new program pair option? St. Lawrence College, now allows students to apply to two eligible graduate certificate programs within the same application.

How Does the Program Pair Option Work?

Students that are applying to a graduate certificate program can now apply for two sequential graduate certificate programs.

For example, a student applies to the Digital Marketing Communications graduate certificate program for September 2021. They will now be able to also apply to the Project Management graduate certificate program for the May 2022 intake, within the same application.

“These Graduate Certificate Program Pairs have been specially selected to complement each other as well as the skills and learning experiences you will enjoy while attending classes,” says St. Lawrence College.

There are many benefits to the program pair option, including the ability to complete two programs successively, strengthening the student’s employability and skills upon graduation. Another added benefit is the potential for a Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) of up to three years.

“Instead of only attending one graduate certificate program which could result in a 1-year PGWP, students could now be eligible for a PGWP of up to 3 years. Moreover, applying for a Graduate Certificate Program Pair may increase the duration of your Study Permit,” explains St. Lawrence College.

For more information about the graduate certificate pairs program please visit the college’s website.

Which Certificate Programs Are Eligible for Program Pairs?

In order to take advantage of the program pairs option students must apply for eligible graduate certificate programs. Please find below a list of graduate certificate programs.

  • User Experience Design + Project Management
  • International Business Management + Project Management
  • Project Management + International Business Management
  • Supply Chain Management + Project Management
  • Project Management + Supply Chain Management
  • User Experience Design + Digital Marketing Communications
  • Project Management + Digital Marketing Communications
  • Digital Marketing Communications + Project Management

What Are the Fees for the Program Pairs Option?

Students are required to pay a deposit of C$2,350, which goes towards the tuition of their first program, 21 days after the Letter of Acceptance (LOA) is issued.

Students do not need to pay for the second program right away, and will follow the same payment process as they would for any 2-year program.

Graduate Certificate Program Pairs Scholarship

St. Lawrence College has created a special loyalty scholarship for students that are accepted to a program pair. In order to receive the scholarship, the student must:

  • Complete the first semester of the first program
  • Pay the deposit for the second program.

Eligible students will receive a scholarship valued at C$2,000, which will be applied to the recipient’s student account and is redeemable towards the second semester’s tuition fees.

For more information CLICK HERE.